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Not what you had in mind?

What should you do if your art arrives, and it's not what you expected? This happens sometimes. Take a moment and see if you can find a connection... maybe it has come to you as a gift for someone else? Who knows what sort of magic stirs behind this message. Of course, if there is damage in shipping, or an unavoidable mishap, we are happy to make things right with an exchange within 1 month of purchase.


Art comes and goes, art is alive! The small batch paints and inks created and used for InkyMoon originals are hand crafted from many organic plants and materials. Our studio has test strokes of each colour on the wall, and over the last 2 years, the colours have not faded; however, impermanence is a part of life. We prefer not to spray chemicals to preserve them from sunlight because we feel it takes away from the organic nature of their existence. Also, it is not ideal to hang any art in direct sunlight. We recommend using conservation or museum glass when framing original art, and archival or acid free matting will allow space so the glass is not in contact with the art.  Wherever Beam Paints are used,  they are spectacular in their vibrancy and they boast their pigments are light fast too.  Same goes for the beautiful soft earth pigments by Caitlin Ffrench.  We hope you appreciate the beauty and life present each original.  Thank you so much for visiting us here in the digital realm.

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