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When creatives collide in the sea of ideas, you'll find cloaks of stardust, sprinkled with diamonds.

Danielle and I have known each other from as far back as our teenage years.  We collaborated with instant ease, gravity and magnetic magic!  On the themes of the desert landscape and cosmic night sky, I painted images for her to freely explore and alter into designs.

Originals were painted by Leslie Love with her own handmade inks, sent to Jonathan at Kill the Box for professional scanning and manipulating with direction and details from Danielle.  Captures are by Arleta with Yellow Petal Photo.  Stunning models are Rhianna and Ally HarrisTheana Jordann and Daruna Nikky

If you would like to purchase and explore these truly original and breathtaking projects, or learn more about the Market of Stars story, models and photography, follow the path via the links within this page.

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