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Were you searching for inspiration, connection, a new way of seeing? It’s a sign. InkyMoon has art that speaks to you. Much of the work you see here, starts with small batch papers and hand-made inks using anything from roadside rosehips, to copper from dad’s shop. With the inner universe as our guide and the digital realm at our fingertips, art shapeshifts and the sky is the limit. Here you will find an original, card, print, or gift you can give or receive.  Better yet, may you find the encouragement to turn a new leaf. Come discover your magic!


Travels Between Earth and Creative Space.


Love's Story

I’m Leslie W Love, the artist beneath this InkyMoon.  I was born and raised wild on Vancouver Island, on a piece of land called Song Farm.  Surrounded by pine trees and starry nights, the sounds of howling wolves, and rock and roll music, I grew strong dancing legs, intense emotional feedback, and a loving heart.

I institutionalized myself at UVic, and emerged with a BFA in 2003, honours in Visual Arts with distinction.  After living in Victoria for 10 years, I escaped on the train across Canada landing in Villebois, and then Montreal, but inevitably I heard the call of the Island and my lover, to come back home.

At Song Farm, the wolves moved on, but now we are surrounded by our 2 howling children, their grandparents and our domestic menagerie of pets. In my natural habitat, I have started to forage what I have, to make art.  My materials vary from slavaged wood, fabric, and metals to thrifted, gifted and handmade paints. I'll use anything I can get my hands on, like acorn and inky caps, oregon grapes, walnut husks mixed with ocean or rain water caught in a jar, my hens eggs on handmade paper, wood paneling, work jeans, or plywood. I integrate my good flaws and dreams to make whimsical images that tell vulnerable and beautiful love stories.  Now I have a family and community of collaborators, and my home land as a stage to build our dreams together.

These visual narratives visit me like messages from the universe.  Always, little signs along the way telling me I am heading in the right direction, leading me to you to share my view.  This digital space will allow us to connect.  All wanderers welcome. Please find a piece of the story to complete your journey, and find your way home.


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