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10 Ways to See Art In Space - Leslie W Love

Have you found yourself saying "I love art, but where will I hang it? I have no room!" or, "I can't afford to buy original art, it's too expensive". Well, I am here to show you a new perspective of what art is, and how we see it.


Defining art is a difficult task. To me, Art is a way of seeing. If it is made with intention and it expresses something of meaning to you or its creator, I am pretty sure it is art! Nature makes art all the time. Humans of all cultures, perspectives, experiences and "skill" levels create art in infinite ways. I put "skill" level in quotes, because who decides what is skilled and what is not? Poetry, music, sounds, language, tastes, dance, movement and touch are mediums for art. Making art is for everyone. Even cats ;)

So, art does not need to be confined to the wall. Here are some other ways and places to experience your art, everyday:

1) Take it with you!

Do you have a greeting card you love, that you received from a friend? Does it mean a lot to you, lift you up? Instead of filing it away or recycling it, why not take it with you? Place it in your wallet or purse and pull it out when you are feeling lonely. Put it in you glovebox or in your trunk. Receive the kindness again and again. A greeting card can be a gift that keeps on giving.

2) Put it anywhere, other than the wall.

Let's be more creative than that. Place it on the mantle, between the books on your bookshelf, in a side table drawer or tucked in your mirror frame to bring you sparks of joy and remind you that you are loved. Stash it in your favorite book or journal. Is that art of yours waterproof? Can you place it in your garden, or in your toiletry bag? On a shelf in the kitchen? What about in your sock or underwear drawer? If you think of any other curious places to keep your visual art, let me know :)

3) Go outside!

Let's get real life here. Art is a way of seeing. If you step outside with the intention to see art, you undoubtably will. It might be impermanent, but it is also infinite. Let me explain... venture out in the rain, and you may find droplets collected like pearls on a spider web. It probably wont be there tomorrow, but if the clouds have passed and you look up at the sky, you may see a rainbow, the moon or a shooting star. Nature is the best artist.

4) Rotate your favorite arty things!

Too much art! You have no where to put it! Nonsense. Change your view! Share the Love! I like to take down some art and store it in my partners shop, switching in pieces I haven't looked at for a while (he loves that haha!). Put extras to rest under the bed, or in a large Tupperware. If you have no space, call your mom to use the attic for storage. Or better yet, call up your besty and do a temporary tradesies. I am a total art enabler. Sorry, not sorry.

5) Netflix and Chill.

We all love a good movie. Do you see them as art too? My partner owned a poster gallery, and his Mac computer screen was framed in a repurposed, antique, ornate gold frame. Another creative friend of mine has her tv screen framed and mounted on her bedroom wall to look like a work of art. On the screensaver is an image that looks like a painting. Very clever! This can be done on monitors in your office as well, using picture framing brackets. Your coworkers will be jealous when your bling screen is glamming without them. Fun! Don't forget when you are watching your favorite shows or movies, if you look deeper, you will find many artist's work in the costumes, the props, the scenes, in every darn nook and cranny. Whole cities have been fabricated in Styrofoam. The art is infinite in your screen. Absolute magic.

6) Make Art with no expectations or experience.

Allow yourself to love the process. Capture your mistakes with your camera, zoom in close, crop it, print it and sell it for millions. Seriously. Art is the process of stepping into the fear and letting go of your inhibitions. Share your work. It will speak to someone. But if you're not ready for the vulnerability, make it anyway, burn it, and bury the ashes. Say kind words to yourself and enjoy the ritual.

7) Make a meal out of nothing.

Dandelion leaves and blackberry salad. Okay, maybe you have a couple of things in your fridge you could play with. Experiencing new flavors and playing in the kitchen is artistic expression! If not so much, order in and really appreciate that pizza artist for making this food for you. Heck, my morning dose of Creekmore's coffee is art in my opinion. I practically worship it, cradled in my hands like a baby.

8) Turn it on its Side

Speaking of coffee, who made your mug? Even if a machine created this cup from a mold, who designed it? Who is the human behind it? Someone had a vision and it ended up in your hands. Art is a way of seeing the world, a favorite chair, your favorite shirt with the stain, your wallet, everything has a human behind it. We literally fabricated the modern world from the creative threads of our thoughts. I might be getting a little abstract here, but if you turn your mug on its side, and it no longer functions as a mug, perhaps it becomes a work of art.

9) Give and you shall receive.

Art is for giving. So many times I have created something and wondered where the heck did this come from. Dislike. Not a fan. Well, I post it anyway, and some glorious friend pipes up "I love this one, I think this is my new favorite!" Surprise! Maybe this piece isn't for you, maybe it is for someone else. Art has a way of speaking. It's a message, an inspiration.

10) Dance in your living room.

Music. Move your body to it. Do an interpretive dance. Or listen, carefully. Make your own music. Share what you make with someone. Make music with a friend. SINGING, of course!! Story telling, reading out loud. Everything that you possess that is individual in you, everything that is the same as others, the movement of your body, the stroke of your paintbrush, the words from your mouth or the tip of your pen... is art. Human, you are magic. I mean that. You are worthy of love and you belong here. You are a fine piece of thread in the energetic, invisible web that is the universe. Boom!

You made it to the end!! If this inspires you to see, make, or do something new, please share your story with me either in the comments or send me an email!

By Leslie W Love, January 23rd 2022.

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Mar 07, 2022

Waiting on your next post now! You are soooo gifted.😍


Kim Donohoe
Kim Donohoe
Feb 16, 2022

Love this post! It’s so inspirational. Makes me want to look more closely at what’s around me and to try new things without big expectations. I was just saying the other day that I don’t have any more room for art in our house, but now I have no excuse!! Lol

Leslie Love
Leslie Love
Feb 17, 2022
Replying to

I live to inspire! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. You are amazing and I appreciate you!

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