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37.25” x 45.25”
Acrylic on salvaged silkscreen.

Oh Barry Coulson, Uncle Bar, Uncle to so many people. This man knew how to wield an elaborate story, write a song, and play the drums and baseball. He was a huge part of me and my brother’s childhood.
I painted him here with his ducks, Madhat and Mudhen. At the time of this picture, he was living on his tour bus in our driveway with his girlfriend. I think he was staying to get sober which he did accomplish, though I am not sure if this was when. As a child, I didn’t see this side of the story. Uncle Bar was simply a hilarious and gregarious character who loved art, music and people with a passion. And really, that IS who he is. Kids just lead with their hearts.
I love this picture, and my memory wants to claim I was the photographer. It is possible that I snuck on the bus with the ducks to wake him, and maybe my dad was with us.
I wanted to honour him and my dad with this painting, as they were quite close, and Barry passed away only about a year before my dad. The title speaks of the sun hitting Barry’s face from the window, and the times in life that are the best, the highlights.


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