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The moon is watching over us, connecting through the push and pull, ebb and flow of our emotions. I've pondered this belonging to the universe, staring into the night from the edge of the ocean. When life is feeling overwhelming and sad, the roaring waves and the light of the moon reset and recharge my soul, letting me know I am not alone. We are only here briefly, follow the flow of your heart, these problems are specks of dusty earth.


Detail from our larger collaboration of the Moonstruck duster, this shorter version is lovely to throw over a dress or your shoulders in breezer summer nights.


Original art was painted using InkyMoon rosehip, walnut, and acorncap inks by Leslie Love and arranged by Danielle of Market of Stars and Jonathan at Kill the Box. Find more artist collaborations and beautiful wearable poetry at Market of Stars.


Photo by Arleta at Yellow Petal Photo
Model is Theana Jordann


Love by the Moon

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