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I go outside daily and wander, and wonder. I’ve learned to collect less, and only take what I’m going to use, so I can leave more for the future. Here, on a crooked dead end road, I’m talking to ravens, the neighbourhood dogs, and to myself excitedly when I find a new mushroom, flower, or bird I haven’t noticed in a while, or ever before. I may even talk to the plants, and the stars. I definitely look to the moon, to help me let go of my woes.  My problems lapped up by the lick of waves, they are made infinitely small in the comfort of this light found in her face, hanging in the vastness of the night sky.


This dramatic piece can be worn to make entrance, at the beach to flow with the wind and waves or casually absolutely anywhere. Tie it in many ways to find your fit, Market of Stars has many tips for styling this. Explore their site for more stunning wearable art.

Photo by Arleta at Yellow Petal Photo

Models are Rhianna and Ally Harris


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