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30” x 30”
Salvaged spray paints and enamel on beautifully bent, foraged sign.

I was looking for something borrowed and something blue to use as a backdrop for an idea. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for but in my foraging, I found these bent and rusty signs in the trees at the edge of our 5 acres. Behind an old camper, beneath brambles and nootka rose bushes, I dragged these heavy things out with just a few thorny injuries.
Why these, Dad? 
Well, I can see beauty in anything. Art is everywhere, but especially in the eye of the beholder. As an echo to the shovels in “Sowing Seeds, Digging for Dreams,” I am asking you to stop and observe that your community wants you to succeed and achieve your goals, pivot towards your dreams. It’s a sign, take these seeds of encouragement and begin.


C$675.00 Regular Price
C$540.00Sale Price
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