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I thought I hadn't seen the desert before, and I like to paint what I know. As I played with yellows, blues and pale greens, my memory dry and warm, ignited. This piece speaks to the sagebrush and big skies I witnessed driving through BC and southern Alberta, to the Badlands and Milk River, where the rattle snakes shake their tails. Then the sandy earth, and roads traveled through Guatemala and Honduras. I do know the love of earth that radiates and touches the sky in all directions.


Original artwork commissioned by Danielle at Market of Stars, painted by Leslie Love using her own handmade InkyMoon inks, as well as Caitlyn Ffrench's small batch earth pigment paints.


​Visit Market of Stars for styling and many other beautiful poetic pieces.

Photo by Arleta at Yellow Petal Photo
Model is Daruna Nikii

Radiate Love

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