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52.5” x 45.5”

Not Available for Sale.
Made from Dad's salvaged shovel heads, steel grate, copper ring, nuts and bolts.

Probably 10 years ago, we were cleaning out the garden shed when we first unearthed the dozen or so shovel heads my dad was saving. I remember laughing so hard and taking a picture, just thinking it was so adorable and ridiculous that he was keeping these rusty old things for seemingly no reason. What on Earth was he saving them for?

Obviously, for me to build a sculpture in his honour. He must have known. Good thing we just moved them into the metal scrap, detached truck bed for a decade, instead of throwing them out.
I also salvaged the metal grate, nuts, and bolts to put it together. I had the help of my brother and husband to drill the holes in the shovels. I love to include my family wherever I can.

The little seeds inside grew from another project, but I like that they encapsulate encouraging words, same as my dad supported my art growing up. I wanted to share that encouragement and connect this piece to our community.

Sowing Seeds, Digging for Dreams

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