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24” x 24”
Acrylic on wood panel, copper oxide, and a pinch of shop grease.

Framed in maple wood.


My mom must have been the photographer in this one. My Dad, home from work in his dirty jeans, sat on the floor in front of me for some play time.

This is the living room of my childhood. The yellow and brown rugs, large speaker boxes my dad made, records upon records lined up and ready to play. The box at the top is being unpacked. We had just moved from Port Alberni to our house and land, that we are on to this day.

We lived in Victoria until Franki was about 8 months old, then we moved back to be close to my parents, to have their help and raise our kids in the country. Franki was nearly the same age as I was when we moved here. I am so grateful to have had these years to become close to my parents as an adult, and to watch them become amazing Grandparents to our kids.

Take Me Home

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