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Coat Room Dreams_edited.jpg

"People need art in their houses. They don't need Bed Bath and Beyond dentist-office art. They need weird stuff."

- Ezra Croft

We've got the weird stuff you've been looking for!

Every artwork at InkyMoon is infused with meaning and magic, crafted with foraged, and fantastical materials.

When you find a Love that speaks to you, you're not just bringing decor into your home; you're creating magic in your space that sparks joy everyday, for you and the people you invite inside.


InkyMoon shines light on Leslie Love's art in digital space.



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Dad once told me, "Do what you love, and the money will follow."

I have wild dreams of paying off my debt and saving to go to grad school at Emily Carr, while working as an artist and finishing my Digital Communications Diploma through NIC.

You can help me make this magic happen!

Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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